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Girls Year Out: Less Dates as Economy Stalls

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a recession in more ways than one. The current economy that the nation is experiencing has caused a somewhat new phenomenon in the world of dating and relationships. As customs go, it is traditional for the man to take his women out periodically here and there. Even if the two weren't a "couple" they could still fraternize as platonic entities in public i.e. movie buddies, mall rats, etc. Calling up a person of the opposite sex and going out was a nice and welcome gesture that broke up the monotony of staying home all week after a series of stressful shifts. But due to new reasons, most likely monetary, also the demise of dating, ritualistic girls night out? Well, it's slowly turning into a girls year out for many women.
"Dudes aren't even stepping to me anymore," one girl recently told me. The way she put it, many folks have lost their jobs, especially black men, and they just aren't up to going out anymore, or even hanging out. Women are going it alone these days. In flocks. In droves.
Don't get me wrong, it's been headed this way for quite a while, but it's almost now like men and women are increasingly living in one-gender worlds: Women see and talk to nothing but women. Some men hang out with, play with, deal with only men.
Has it come to that?



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