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Despite sales, Ciara's music is built to last

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You might not be able to tell from record sales, but Ciara's catalog of music, spaced out over her three albums so far, will likely have more staying power than, say, Rihanna's and maybe even Beyonce's.
While Beyonce and artists like Monica and Keri Hilson have capitalized on the sound of Now, Ciara's sound is futuristic, robotic even. Her music is sonically closer to Aaliyah's than any other artist. CiCi isn't the only female artist out there with lackluster sales though.
While music will continue to get more computerized, and less organic, her sound prove more durable over the long haul. Now, that won't do her any good in the short term, as newcomers continue to eat up ever-shrinking market share around her, but people will one day appreciate her for what she was. In other words, those Goodies may last forever.




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