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Akoo model: People 'overreacting' to sexy ad

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The model from the controversial Akoo advertisement that has enraged an otherwise lackadaisical nation says the brouhaha is much about nothing.
Dawn Montgomery, 26, a communications major from Atlanta's Oglethorpe University, says even her 4-year-old son questioned her suggestive positioning in the ad, according to
"I feel it's my parental duty to explain certain images to my child," Montgomery says. "At his age, my son can't necessarily comprehend the concept behind the image, but the first thing he said to me when he saw it is, 'Mommy, you're on that man's leg, and you don't know that man.' That's what came out of his mouth. As a model and a mother I put him first when I make my decisions. After I make my decisions, just like this shoot, I stand by it. When he gets older he may or may not have to defend his mother, but he will be equipped."
Let's be honest, the ad is suggestive but so is 99% of mainstream advertising these days. Akoo said they tried to be lke Calvin Klein, the granddaddy of controversial ad sleaze. What can we expect?
Akoo, for their part, has taken the billboard down, but what about the other suggestive eyesores in our major cities?




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