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Where is Jaguar Wright NOW?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bursting on the scene with a energetic, soulful, Gospel-tinged voice, Philly artist Jaguar Wright, may have left the airwaves but has never stopped performing music.
Doing strictly live shows and rolling with the Okay Player collective, Wright has blessed stages all around the world for the past eight years off the strength of 2.5 albums. In 2002, she debuted with "Denials, Delusions & Decisions," a record that combined the hip-hop beats ala Mary J. Blige, but with vocals sung in angelic smoothness, closer to the neosoul movement that it had sprung up around.
But Wright was no angel.
She had a little Millie Jackson in her, too, as evidence by not only the raw second verse of "When You Love Your Man," but from a very public spat with her mother-in-law who she has gone on record as calling "nuts ... delusional." Wow, that's tough talk toward fam.
Wright followed up the success of her debut with "Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul," a great record for those that had listened close enough to the strain -- the pain -- in Wright's first joint and which chronicles the end of her fascination not just with a flawed lover, as many of the songs detail, but her disgust with the music business as well.
A third album, "...And Your Point Is?" never saw the light of day due to the demise of MCA Records, her label.
So, where is Jaguar Wright now? She's still touring and communicating with the fans via Twitter and Myspace, where she released two new tracks last year.
We can expect big things in the future.




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