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Lil Kim's Fans Mad as Hell, Shut Down Site

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It seems that Lil Kim's fans are fed up and are not going to take it anymore. Wanna rumble with the Queen Bees fans? Apparently, Kim's personal assistant and handler, Bryant McKinnie, does. McKinnie, an NFL player and socialite in his own right, and Kim's "new team" as her fans at call them, have destroyed Kim's career and appearance, they say. The fans, many of whom, claim to have been down with Kim for 15 years, say that the defensive stance taken by Kim's handlers over questions about how she looks and alleged drug use, played out in an irate Twitter conversation, was the last straw. They're taking the site down.
Some people feel that the meteoric rise of rapper Nicki Minaj, who started off on some Kim stuff, may have played a role in fans' disappointment with the former Bad Boy emcee.
No word on how lil Kim herself feels about the drama, but we all know Kim has been going under the knife more than a Thanksgiving turkey, but that's beside the point, right? I mean, Michael Jackson did ungodly things to his face, but if you put "Thriller" on you'll see people dropping whatever they're doing and start moonwalking. It's about the music, people. Well, isn't it?




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