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Is TV ready for 'Spartacus'?

Friday, March 5, 2010

British TV viewers are "bloody sick" of all the blood, sweat, and well, sex, that the new TV drama "Spartacus" promises to bring to TV this fall. If the previews are any indication, the show, about the Roman-Greek empire and it's erotically Pagan ways, will push the buttons on common decency in more ways than one. Images of orgies (you know how the Greeks did it) and the bloodlust of battle dictate the show's action scenes.
If recent history is any indication, the nudity and wildness of "Spartacus" will soon make its away to the United States, just like "Big Brother" and "American Idol" has.
Censorship debate aside, should nudity be featured on regular TV, let alone primetime? What do you think?

Watch the trailer below:




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