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Who's the Most Hated Black Man in America?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just the thought of him makes some people recoil in anger. His smile is one that calls to mind utter distrust and seething hate. He is, quite easily, the MHBMA, Most Hated Black Man in America.
Well, who?
If there was a poll, some would say Barack Hussein Obama (they won't let that 'Hussein' part go). Some would say Tiger Woods. Others would say, Al Sharpton, or how about Van Jones? Michael Steele, or even Chris Brown. But I think the two leading vote-getters would be Tiger and Obama. Why?
Well, let's just say Tiger has unearthed the dormant disgust of a nation sick of celebrity-worship and entitled athletes. Plus, he's recent cheating prowess is, well, unmatched.
Obama on the other hand, is, well, how can we say it -- remember in "New Jack City" when Nino Brown told G-Money to "sit your $5 butt down before I make change?" -- yeah, something about change.
It's deep, too. You know there are still people out there that think Obama is an immigrant? Fox News is contagious, people.




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