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Stores Put Dirty Panties Back on Shelves?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's that smell, you say? Well, if you've bought your drawers from a department store it's a good chance it's your crotch.
Why? Because evidently major retailers such as Macy's and Victoria Secret put your returned panties back on the shelves. Yep, Victoria's Secret is out, and it stanks!
There's video evidence. A segment reportedly airing on the "Today Show" will uncover stores that put funky britches back on the rack after Ebola-carrying chicks return their panties for who-knows-what reason. If the panties are returned with a foul smell, the store apparently hangs them up overnight to "dry out" and proceeds to rehang them. Nasty? You bet. And people are mad.
And you see why some of us don't wear underwear? Wait ...




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