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Tameka Foster: Don't blame me for last album

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recent Raymond divorcee' Tameka Foster says don't pin Usher's last album, "Here I Stand," on her. The followup to the 2004 smash "Confessions," didn't hold up well with Usher adapting the music and lyrics to a married lifestyle.
Foster says don't blame her. “People say it’s my fault he made all those songs,” she told the New York Times recently.
Foster, who's had to defend herself in different ways since the breakup became public, says the problem is with Usher's fans, who haven't grown with the singer.
“It was saddening,' she says. "For a man to find a mate and profess their love publicly, and then for fans to be mad at him just shows the immaturity in so many of them.”
Does she have a point? Usher has been taking his shirt off on stage and on videos since he was 14. When the sex appeal ran into a brick-wall-realization that he wasn't the same person, fans deserted him. But "Here I Stand" wasn't a disaster by any means.
The single "Love in This Club" proved popular to younger fans, and Usher actually sold 443,000 copies in the first week. But "Confessions" sold 10 milli.
Now, Usher hopes "Raymond v. Raymond" returns him to the raw, scandalized, bedroom secret success of "Confessions."
Foster probably wanted him to cater to older fans ala Brian McKnight, or Joe, but Usher's DNA screams otherwise. Since he just got a divorce, so will his wallet.




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