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Alicia Keys: Tough streets made me wise up

Monday, March 1, 2010

Alicia Keys says she was scared straight by "drugs, sex, alcohol and death" as a youngster, according to media reports.
The "Element of Freedom" artist says she has taken pains not to fall victim to the vices of the world because of how she was brought up.
"I always make sure I stay connected to the real world." Alicia told You.
Keys, who recently moved into a New York City loft with longtime collaborator Swizz Beats, said seeing the underbelly of NYC streetlife made her want to stay away from it.
"I think that when you see that in your life, you know what it does to you and have no desire to do it."
Keys, whose hit song "Empire State of Mind," sings of the hardscrabble streets of NYC, was born Alicia Augello Cook in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. It's a good thing she's learned how to scrap too, because when Mashonda (Swizz's ex-wife) ever catches her in the same time zone ... I think that piano will be out of key for a bit. #justsaying:)




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