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Monique: Oscar Win = Epic Win

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The timeless debate whether an immovable object can stop an unstoppable force has been answered in the form of the meteoric rise of actress/comedianne Mo'nique and her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.
As a sign of how much faith the movers/shakers are putting in her Oscar win, many of them were already lining up to throw rose pedals on her.
So what to the fact that there were reports that Mo'nique was already living up to the snootiness of an Oscar winner, treating Barbara Walters "slightly better than she treated Precious [in the movie]." POW!
Despite the snide comments and looks by some Hollywood comrades (what's up Sam!), I don't think success has gone to her head at all. She's a discriminating woman who demands respect. What's not to like? Besides, she's refused to write an Oscar speech, saying that it would signal haughtiness.
Understand, this is a long way from being a phone sex operator (she was) and humble roots in Maryland (where she's from). And -- make no mistake -- she has made. She's made it.
Although after the awards she most famously downplayed a potential career as an A-list actor ("I'm a comedian who won an Oscar,") Mo'nique has won. She's won over the hearts of America, the minds of Hollywood's suits, and more importantly, she's successfully made the transition to leading lady (maybe).
All she has to do now is choose her roles (of which they'll be plenty) wisely.

Watch Samuel Jackson's eyeroll at the mention of Monique at the Oscars:




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