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Will 'Precious' rep for the big girls?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Notorious B.I.G. summed up his public persona as well as anyone when he rapped the immortal words, "Heartthrob? Never. Black and ugly as ever. However ...". He didn't back down on stereotypical perceptions of skin tone or even obesity. He wanted you to know that he was what he looked like. And more.
So it is with the star of "Precious" Gabby Sidibe, a plus-sized actress who portrays an HIV-positive young mother with a demonic parent.
The catch with "Precious" is that you would think that Sidibe identified with the title character just a little bit. The only thing is, she doesn't.
In a recent interview she said, that all it took was "one conversation. One sentence from me to know that I'm not that girl."
Biggie Smalls, who terrorized rap when he was alive, traded on the fact that he was a big guy, and dark-skinned and the antitypical ladies man. He had women in spite of that fact.
He rapped for you, but he repped for the big, black guys. Like him.
Will Sidibe try to separate herself from the millions of "Preciouses" out there that perhaps look up to her in some way now? She has a right too, but will she? It's entirely her call.
She is a very talented and happy woman who is obviously comfortable and confident in her skin.
And that, in a very important way, is precious.




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