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Friday, March 26, 2010

Aaah, Tyra Banks must be a black man. Why? Because she seems to love a big booty just like one. Doesn't matter if it's hers, a man's or a womans.
Tyra is a grabber, too.
This revelation is not new to anyone who watches her top-rated show, but I don't watch it so I usually get my fill from "Talk Soup" or commercials.
But does Tyra want to promote big bootiness to all her fans? Do people want a donk or is a regular one quite okay?
Tyra promotes the donk. Despite the fact that 90% of her target audience shrieks in terror at the thought of owning a true glutus maximus.
And who better than Buffie "The Body," who has actually put in unknown manhours to achieve that back end, to appear to Tyra's show.
She says, and I quote: "The girls with the hips and the booty were the popular girls at school. ... I don't like being skinny." So she went to the booty doctor. "He gave me a list of foods that was high in calories .. i went from like 119 [lbs] to 170 now." Really? (Cue the wide-eyed excitement).
Does Buffie expect us to believe that she got all that from spinach?




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