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With Rogers out, will White House be as fun?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do know what it means to mix New Orleans ... with Chicago's flair and style? That's essentially what former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers -- who should be gone by Wednesday, the end (Ides) of March, was when she was tapped to run events at the president's Washington residence.
Desiree Rogers had the sensitivities that living and surviving in Chitown taught her; she was an entertainer and executive in her own right who knew her way around fortune 500 businesses. She was stylish. She was filet gumbo.
The White House had poetry readings, Earth, Wind and Fire concerts, Stevie Wonder. Now, we'll wait to see what kind of events Julianna Smoot (I got dibs on her nickname, J-Smoove) puts on, which i'm sure will be nice and proper.
But to be sure, the White House has lost something, I don't exactly know what though. Not to diss her replacement, Julianna Smoot, who apparently is a fund-raising titan (you can always use one of those), but she's from North Carolina. Again, I love N.C., but the social mixture that Rogers brought to the table will be hard to duplicate or even imitate.
Now, in Smoot's defense, I think she'll check credentials a bit closer and be more hands on than Rogers, but everybody makes mistakes, right?
Hopefully, Rogers can land in a role that takes advantage of her background as well as connections. She'll be alright. It's the rest of us I worry about.




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