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Book illustrates 'Lil Oprah'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Humble beginnings from the richest woman in entertainment led a New York artist to draw a whole book about her.
London Ladd's latest tome is called "Oprah the Littler Speaker" and describes the multimillionaire media queen's early life in the backwoods of the Crooked Letter.
While he didn't have pictures of Oprah as a child, Ladd said he used his 5-year-old godchild as a model.
While Oprah has some competition as America's top TV maven, Ladd already threw somebody more famous.
Ladd, who's also drawn Martin Luther King Jr., said Oprah was this generation's miracle worker.
"She's like Midas," he told the But I can relate to her story. It's about simple, humble beginnings."
No, Mr. Ladd, you're like Midas.




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