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Celebrity style: Thandie Newton

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How many actresses do you know have studied archaeology and anthropology in college?
How many of them can claim to be of royalty?
How many can say they named their daughter after the lead character in an alien film?
Thandie (/TAN-dee/) can.
Born to a Zimbabwean mother and English father, actress Thandie Newton grew up straddling two worlds. She claims her mother is from the reknown Shona tribe in Africa, and that she is a princess.
That makes Thandie royalty.
She has two daughters, Ripley and Nico, born of her marriage of 12 years to English producer Ol Parker.
One of her more interesting quotes from a while back was when she disclosed that she was gay as a teenager.
"We're all potentially bisexual," she told the Advocate. "It all depends on your circle, your upbringing and all kinds of things. Or maybe I'm just talking about myself. I could've easily fallen in love with a woman over a man."
That husband of hers just doesn't know how dramatically different his life almost was.


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