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Friday, March 19, 2010

All this talk about childhood obesity and health care has hidden perhaps a symptom of the American way of life: Our belief that we're hotter than anybody else on the planet.
I mean, sure some of them may sound cooler than us (Et tu, cute'?) but deep down we've always thought of ourselves as really good-looking folks.
But not if we keep eating like we're eating.
Actually it may already be too late. See, baby boomers were the last generation to raise their children on homecooked -- every Sunday -- family meals. The generation after that knew the cashier of McDonalds and Arby's on a first name basis. Waistlines have expanded accordingly. Now, even our first-graders have little pouches for stomachs that protrude while doing the most basic childhood exercises: running.
In Europe it's not much better, but it seems that it is, especially in Eastern Europe, where they make models (you realize they make 'em over there, right?).
Here's a good reason why you haven't heard the word "Eurotrash" in the last decade. Mainly because Ameritrash is getting much more obvious. Painfully so.




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