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Transformers: More than meets the eye

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And no, we're not saying that Aunt Viv is a transformer. But some have (not us though). No way.

We've all seen them: Men who dress like women. Not the Madeas of the world, either. We're talking about shapely, breasts-and-everything man. Trannies, or as they're known on the street: Decepticons.
The only thing about these transformers is that, while they are "more than meets the eye," it is getting increasingly hard to tell who's who and what's what these days.
A cursory glance in a nightclub can result in a totally Berserko night these days, and that's even without the assist that alcohol gives to the event. I mean, even Galvatron himself would have a hard time telling who's a woman and who's a wo-man, ya know?
Put simply, we just don't know what team anybody's on anymore. And that's scary. So, I think people should clearly and abruptly "declare" themselves before engaging in intimate conversations. It would spare alot of heartache, pain, and let's face it, money.




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