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What would a Kanye-Amber Rose Wedding Look Like?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Matrimony. Wedding bliss. When two people make that solemn commitment to each other, you can oftentimes see the stars -- the hopes -- in their eyes.
Well, Kanye West and Amber Rose, are we there yet?
No rush here, but if Kanye and his model love do say those magical words --with this ring I thee wed -- it would look like a surreal scene out of some Tarantino movie, no doubt.
While the two have only been dating for about a year now, they have had a lifetime of experiences, and Amber Rose has defended Kanye on more than one occasion. This is how it would go down:
The Best Man: Jay-Z would probably do the honors. I know, I know, he hasn't known the College Dropout for a terribly long time, but it'd be a big honor for Kanye, who looks up to him. (Besides, Jay gave Kanye his big break, using his beats on "The Blueprint," and then signing him to the Roc record label).
Maid of Honor: While Bey would be a favorite, we think Amber would probably dig into her past for this one. None other than her former BFF/boyfriend pal, Tiffany aka "Trevon". I know, I know, freaky.
Reverend: Okay, I'll bet Rev Run came to mind, didn't it? Well, I think ole Kanye, being from the Chi, is going to go traditional for this one and bring in somebody of the cloth back home. Besides, Rev Run is awful busy with Twitter these days.
Of course the guest list would be a who's who of the music and fashion industries, with live performances by a select few artists that Kanye admires. The treat however would be the reception, which Dr. Dre would be the deejay. Kanye has credited Dre as his inspiration for beat-making.
To top it off, Ye and Amber would parade around the reception hall, slizzard for all to see.
Well, will all this happen? And if so, when?




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