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The Perfect Woman? Get Real

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The nerds have finally did it: They have created what they call "The Perfect Woman," a robotic female that does their every command with an uncanny realness.
No more head aches. No more unexplainable crying during the ballgame. That's it.
Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, technology has done the unthinkable. As always, we can blame the Japanese. It was just a matter of time before the epicenter of all things electronic -- and Godzilla -- would try to accomplish what God has chosen not to. I don't know if these 'women' are for sale or not, but if I happen to be jollying down the isle at Sears, or Home Depot (no, Lowes, Lowes would have them) then I may be tempted to "kick the tires" so to speak, but no thank you. I'll pass (unless they come out with black ones).
Seriously, you can't put femininity in a can. Besides my worst nightmare is a race of Terminator babes with a faulty kill-switch and a quick trigger finger. No thanks.
Check the video below:




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