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Monday, March 1, 2010

During an already zany Super Bowl last month (Geaux Saints), a commercial came on that rocked the socks out of fans everywhere for not only it's strong character, but it's hilarious ending.
Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa plays the part of "the man your man could smell like" and kills it.
It's been said that his Myspace, which had only a handful of friends, shot up to the thousands after the commercial aired. Mustafa's brash character came about while playing around on an answering machine with college buddy Jake Plummer, whom he played with at Arizona State. The supremely confident guy is clever, sharp but what makes the commercial work is a wicked ending, where producers used a mechanized device to slide him upon a beast of burden at the very end.
It's cool, it's sleek, and people are probably walking around smelling like Old Spice right about now.
The viewer is left wide-eyed and drop-jawwed. And women have a new idol to worship.
Oh, and, he's "on a horse."

p.s. Watch the making of the Old Spice commercial here.




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